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What are the requirements?

As a contractor, you will need to:

  • prepare and file business accounts with Companies House;

  • submit a business tax return to HMRC, and;

  • submit a personal tax return to HMRC

As a contractor, it's important to ensure you meet all of your legal compliance requirements, whilst mitigating your tax bill.

  • Make sure you claim all applicable expenses

  • Ensure that you aren't trapped by 'disguised employment'

  • Meet your filing and payment deadlines 

A package tailored for contractors

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Accounts must be filed at Companies House & HMRC annually. They must comply with the applicable financial reporting framework required for your umbrella business.

Accompanying your accounts, you must also file a corporate tax return to HMRC. As a contractor, wages earn't through your business will be subject to corporation tax.

As your company earns 'income', you will need to draw this income in accordance with your desired means. You will draw income from your business in a different way to those who simply get paid via PAYE, and must account for associated liabilities through a personal tax return.

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