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Accounts for landlords / managing agents

Are you a freehold owner? Whether you own collective freehold as a group of individuals or as a registered management company, we offer non-statutory reporting services so that you can manage your freehold and accurately report service charges to tenants.

There are many pros to becoming your own landlord, however - the added administrative burden is often a drawback for many landlords. We offer financial services to landlords to allow them to comply with their obligations as a landlord and ensure that accurate records are kept, helping to satisfy tenants.

  • Varying contribution levels per lease terms

  • Uneven allocation/apportionment of costs between dwellings e.g. where basement flats do not need to pay for internal communal space

  • Sinking funds for long-term refurbishment

  • Balancing charges for fund deficits 

From a financial standpoint, becoming a landlord can be more complicated that expected for many - some of the factors which landlords will need to consider and account for in their financial summaries to tenants, include:

Wooden Home Framing

Collect the right amounts from tenants

Keep accurate financial records 

Make sure you get things right

Our managing agents accounts fees are £500 per annum.


Other non-statutory reporting services

We are not just accountants - we are a firm with a wealth of financial experience and expertise using financial technology - this means that we can offer a host of non-statutory services to help you and/or your business:

  • Budgeting & forecasting

  • Financial modelling

  • Project investment appraisal

  • Internal controls design & consultancy


Our non-statutory rates are charged at

             per hour

Market Analysis

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Landlord accounting services for

                 per annum


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