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As chartered accountants with many years’ experience helping small businesses, we can;

  • calculate your corporation tax liability;

  • make all necessary filings with HMRC;

  • advise on allowable deductions to reduce your tax bill;

  • provide tax payment advice;

  • ensure you are 100% compliant, and;

  • manage HMRC on your behalf

What are the requirements?

Companies are required by Company Law to prepare and submit a Company Tax Return (known as a CT600 form) to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) along with your statutory accounts.


What information is needed?

In addition to submitting your CT600 form to HMRC, you will also need to submit information showing how you calculated your Corporation tax, including a Detailed Profit and Loss Account (note that this is different to the Profit and Loss account you include in your statutory accounts).


When is this information required?

Your Corporation Tax return is due for filing at the same time as your statutory accounts (no later than 9 months and 1 day after the end of your financial year). If you are a newly incorporated company and are making your first CT600 filing, you will most likely need to prepare and submit two CT600 returns as you will usually have a long-accounting period in your first year of trading.


Let us take care of your Corporation Tax preparation and filing - with our end-to-end solution, we will handle everything for you.


See our key dates page for more information on deadlines

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"Unsure about what costs you are allowed to deduct against your company profit? Get in contact today to learn more about mitigating your corporation tax bill"




See our fees page for full details


Unsure how to mitigate 

         your tax bill


Full Accounting Services starting from

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Whatever your needs, get in touch with

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Unsure how to file your corporation tax

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